1180 Shop Stewards


Shop Stewards are elected by their fellow co-workers at their worksite location. The number of shop stewards per worksite location is determined by the number members at that location.

Shop Stewards term of office is 1 year and elections are to be held every September 


  • Protect the interest of CWA 1180 by virtue of ensuring that the terms and conditions of our contracts are adhered to at their work location
  • Endeavors  to ensure management adheres to policies and procedures
  • Conduct site meetings during lunch hours at their worksite
  • Regularly attend membership meetings and disseminate information from these meetings to the members at their worksite location
  • Help to build the union by enhancing union participation amongst their members at their worksite location
  • Get members involved in identifying and solving their workplace situations
  • Educates and signs up members about P.A.F. (Political Action Fund) formerly known as COPE.
  • Attend steward training and steward assemblies
  • Investigate and evaluate members issues: tries to resolve in an informal basis
  • Files grievances when appropriate
  • Represent members at supervisory conferences, counseling and warning sessions
  • Accompany members to meeting with management when member invoke their Weingarten Rights
  • Informs union of any information which may affect our members
  • Attend union events including but limited to rallies, demonstrations, phone banking and political action events.
  • Keeps member informed on union activities, priorities and programs
  • Maintain a bulletin board at their worksite location
  • Maintain a member roster for their worksite location
  • Makes themselves available to the union and its members in all matters concerning either or both
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