Gloria Middleton
Local 1180, Communications Workers
of America AFL-CIO
6 Harrison Street 4th Floor
New York, NY 10013
Phone - 212 226-6565

Secretary-Treasurer & BiographyGloria Middleton, CWA Local 1180

Gloria Middleton is the current Secretary-Treasurer and Trustee of Local 1180, and has served in that position since January 1, 2003. Gloria has been a career civil servant for the past 36 years and has been a member of Local 1180 since 1982.  She has been committed to the Labor movement since she became a steward in 1985.

In 1995, Gloria became a full time Staff Representative for Local 1180. Gloria coordinated Shop Seward Training courses for new stewards, as well as advanced steward training.  She has participated in the training of Local 1180 members for the Promotional Principal Administrative Associate as well as the Administrative Managers Civil Service exams. Most recently Gloria coordinated the CWA Labor 2008 training which was a political mobilization campaign to get CWA members involved in the election that placed our first African American President, Barack Obama, in the White House.  Gloria is chairperson for the Local’s Civil Rights Committee on Equity, and is currently chairperson of  CWA’s National Civil Rights Committee on Equity.  She is also a member of the CWA Minority Caucus.  

Gloria currently represents 1180 in the collective bargaining negotiations with New York City Transit Authority.  Gloria is a community activist and in addition holds the position of Trustee and Treasurer of the Mt. Paylor Baptist Church as well as President of the Shabazz Gardens Condominiums in Harlem.   

Gloria attended the City College of New York.  She has attended seminars at the George Meany Center for Labor Studies and is a graduate of the Cornell University Leadership Institute. She has also attended the Queens College program on Labor and Civic Participation 2001.

Gloria has been a subscribing Life Member to the NAACP since 2003.  It has always been Gloria’s ambition to further the cause of equal rights among all people and to pursue the cause of the labor movement, both of which work hand in hand.

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