Gina Strickland
First Vice President
First Vice President & BiographyGina Strickland, CWA Local 1180

Gina Strickland, 1st Vice President of Local 1180 of the Communications Workers of America, Gina Strickland is a career civil servant commencing as an office aide in 1985 with the Department of Finance and advanced her career via civil service exams. In 1992, she was appointed of the list as a Principal Administrative Associate and became a member of CWA 1180. Gina became very active in the union and in 1993 was elected shop steward representing 100 members at her worksite. She represented CWA 1180 on several committees: Finance Health and Safety, QWL Career and Personal Development and Employee of the Month. Gina also volunteered her time and services to the Finance Picnic Committee that coordinated the Finance Family Picnic Day. Gina was elected by her shop stewards peers to serve as a member of the 1180 bargaining committee for the 1180 2000-02 contract negotiations.

In May 2000, Gina was hired as a full time 1180 Staff Representative and continued her dedication in assisting members with issues relating to work and even personal issues. She represented members at disciplinary hearings and filed and successfully won grievances for her members.

Gina served on the School Construction Authority bargaining team and represented CWA 1180 at the table at coalition bargaining meetings for the then named Board of Education and Department of Education.   

In 2002 President, Arthur Cheliotes recommended to the executive board that Gina fill a vacancy as a Member-at-large on the executive board which was unanimously approved. Gina continued to serve in this position after successfully being re-elected three times. Gina is a member of CWA Minority Caucus and serves as a delegate for 1180 to the CWA National Convention. She is member of the NAACP and Coalition of Labor Union Women. She also serves as an 1180 delegate to NYC Municipal Labor Council.

Gina coordinated and trained stewards for new and advanced shop steward training. She has been an instructor for Principal Administrative Associate and Administrative Manager exam preparation that 1180 offers to our members. Gina coordinates shop stewards to the CWA District One Leadership School and is a coordinator for the 1180 Shop Steward Conferences. She was a facilitator for 2008 CWA Labor Political Training and 1180’s Political and Media Training.  

Gina formed and is the Chairperson for 1180’s Caribbean Heritage Committee and a member of 1180’s, Civil Service Committee. She also supports the various committees of Local 1180.

Gina attended Adelphi University. She received certificates upon her completion of CWA District One Leadership School at Cornell University and the 1180‘s Labor and Civic Participation program at Queens College. She is also a graduate of the AFL-CIO Union Leadership Institute, Cornell University.

In July 2011 Gina was promoted to Supervisor of the Staff Reps. In the same year she ran and successfully won election to the position of 1180’s Second Vice President and took office January 2012 and also now serves as a Trustee.

Gina’s continues to help build and advance her great union and the labor movement. She is committed to get members more politically involved. Her passion is to educate, train, motivate and mentor stewards, members on the values, importance, and the necessity for unions.

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