Local 1180 Officers

Local 1180’s governing body is its Executive Board. It consists of five elected officers and nine at-large members. The board meets monthly, and its minutes are published in the Communique, the union’s bi-monthly newspaper. The officers are elected every three years by a mail ballot of the entire membership, supervised by the American Arbitration Association. The most recent election was in Fall 2014, and the officers are serving terms that began January 1, 2015.

Arthur Cheliotes
Gina Strickland
First Vice President
Gerald Brown
2nd Vice President
Gloria Middleton
Secretary Treasurer
Lourdes Acevedo
Recording Secretary
At-Large Executive Board Members:

Robin Blair-Batte

Hilary Bloomfield

Charles Garcia

Denise Gilliam

Lisa Lloyd

Debra Paylor

Lenora Smith

Venus Colon-Williams

Hazel O. Worley
Local 1180 Staff Reps

Local 1180 has six staff representatives, who work full-time with the union to assist members and stewards with questions, problems, grievances and workplace campaigns. They are:

Gina Strickland (Staff Rep supervisor)

Venus Colon-Williams

Catherine Alves

Robin Blair-Batte

Kevin Hines

Desiree Waters
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Director of Communications
Marci Rosenblum
(845) 364-0222
Mobilization Coordinator
Nadya I. Stevens
(212) 226-6565 EXT 4949
Steve Ferrer
(212) 226-6565 EXT 4958
I.T. Manager
Naresh Mohabir
(212) 226-6565 EXT 4928