Committee on Arts, Events & Entertainment was established in 2003 as a way to develop events that promote the Arts and Entertainment for CWA Local 1180 members.

Committee Chair
Hazel Worley / (212) 331-0909 /


The Cari
bbean Diaspora in the United States is an estimated 5 million. The Communications Workers of America, CWA 1180 have recognized the fact that many of our members are Caribbean immigrants who have made significant contributions to the union and the communities they serve. Some of our members are active community leaders while others hold leadership position in government. This committee was established in 2008 to bring awareness of our history and cultural heritage.
Committee Chair: Gina Phillips Strickland / (212) 331-0910 /

One of the cornerstones of unionism has been the struggle for just and equal treatment on the job and in society.  A local union Committee on Equity and Civil Rights can offer the expertise and skills needed to provide fair and equitable representation for all members.
  Committee Chair: Gloria Middleton / (212) 331-0915 /
The Civil Service Committee develops and implements programs:
    To promote the understanding of the civil service merit system among the membership.
    To review
    classification issues raised by the members and assist them in resolving those issues.  
    To advocate the advancement of qualified administrative personnel to administrative and management positions in the public service.

Committee Chair
: Gina Phillips Strickland / (212) 331-0910 /

The Community Service Committee runs the union's annual Thanksgiving food drive and Christmas toy drive for needy children in the community. They also coordinate the union’s involvement in a number of other programs, from Big Brothers and Sisters to Meal-on-Wheels for home-bound seniors.
Committee Chair: Pat Ruffin / (212) 331-0945


The Editorial Committee plans coverage for upcoming issues of the Communiqué, with the opportunity to contribute articles or photos to the publication or the website.

Committee Chair
: Marci Rosenblum / (845) 364-0222 /

The Education Committee is responsible for the development, implementation and promotion of the education programs of the Local.  It was established to enable member participation in the planning of the Local’s education programs.

Committee Chair
: Linda Jenkins / (917) 699-5375 /

Next Generation Committee

CWA 1180’s Next Generation Committee is a network of members aged 35 and under and experienced member-mentors who seek to build a movement for economic and social justice that addresses young workers’ unique generational concerns. We participate in efforts to nurture and educate younger activists to engage union members, progressive allies, community groups and students in fighting for good jobs, healthcare for all, bargaining and organizing rights, and retirement security.

Committee Chairs
Nadya Stevens @ (212) 331-0949 /
Ryan Bruckenthal @ (718) 473-5973 /


The Hispanic Committee's goal is to foster a sense of community and unity amongst their membership.  In achieving this we actively cultivate a sense of charity through the collection of supplies, clothing and canned food drives for the less fortunate. We also show our pride through our participation in the Hispanic Heritage parade. 

Committee Chair
: Venus Colon Williams / (212) 331-0908 /
Committee Members:
Lourdes Acevedo (Co-Chair), Carolyn Chamorro, Leandro Monzon, Yvonne Pacheco, Sharrett Pennill, Jennifer Matthews, Nilda Santiago, Macia M. Rodriguez, Regina Kelly, Francisca Mujica, Lillith Ferguson, Mirta DeJesus, Rosie Roman, Juanita Santiago and Francisco Gomez.


The Organizing Committee seeks out and follows up on leads for workplaces we could organize into the union. Committee members work to make the union bigger and stronger by helping to develop organizing literature, doing outreach, and sharing their experiences with workers who want to organize a union on their job.

Committee Chair: Steve Ferrer / (212) 331-0958 /  

The Committee on People with Disabilities
The Committee on People with Disabilities provides information and resources about workplace rights. It sponsors training for members on the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act and other issues. 

Committee Chair
: Alan Goldblatt / (212) 331-0944 /

The Political Action Committee protects and improves our standard of living and secures a good life for generations to come. We know elections make a difference. That is why we identify, endorse and support candidates in both primaries and elections through the Political Action Committee. MEETINGS ARE HELD AS NEEDED.
Committee Chair: Jerry Brown / (212) 331-0950 / 

   Women’s Committee’s
The Women’s Committee’s objective is to raise awareness on the issues that are essential to women such as Healthcare, homelessness, homecare, childcare, housing, the elderly and education. 

Committee Chair
: Bernice Selman /
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