Cablevision sunk to a new low.

 Charged by the National Labor Relations Board with multiple violations of labor law, Cablevision decided to challenge the authority of the federal government to enforce workers’ rights rather than present their case to an Administrative Law Judge.   Last Thursday, they have filed a meritless legal motion in Federal Court aimed at blocking two complaints issued against them in April.  They have hired Eugene Scalia, the son of Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia to represent them at the Court of Appeals. 

 Cablevision claims that the directors of two NLRB regions have no standing because the appeals court ruled that all of President Obama's recess appointments and two NLRB members in particular were not constitutional. This decision is preposterous since it would mean that more than 100 recess appointments by Presidents Obama and Bush, and their decisions, would be illegitimate.  

 Cablevision’s motion has taken the worker struggle to a new level. They are not only terrorizing the 285 technicians in Brooklyn, they are now putting millions of workers in jeopardy by potentially stripping the National Labor Relations Board of any power to uphold workers rights in this country. 

 CWA is calling on the Senate to confirm a package of five nominations to the NLRB so that 80 million private sector workers won't lose the protections of labor law.

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