Civil Service Fact Sheet # 1
Don’t Let the Mayor Destroy the Working Class!


Do you know that Mayor Bloomberg is attacking Civil Service? He wants to end the State Civil Service Commission’s authority over the city’s hiring practices, downgrade Civil Service tests, change disciplinary rules, end seniority and abolish the Triborough Amendment.

  • The Public Employee’s Fair Employment Act commonly referred to as the Taylor Law, part of the New York State Civil Service Law (Article XIV), the Triborough Amendment requires a public employer to continue all the terms of an expired agreement until a new agreement is negotiated.

If the Triborough Amendment were to be abolished State and local governments could void union contracts once the agreements have expired. They could reduce government employees’ salaries, benefits, working conditions, etc.

  • New York State Civil Service Law (Article V, Title C, 80. and 80a.) Suspension or demotion upon the abolition or reduction of positions for competitive and non-competitive class positions provides that layoffs be done in inverse order of seniority.

Elimination of these provisions would allow agencies to lay off employees without regard to their length of service with the city.

  • New York State Civil Service Law (Article V, Title B, 75.) Removal and other disciplinary action provides that a person shall not be removed or otherwise subjected to any disciplinary penalty provided in this section except for incompetency or misconduct shown after a hearing upon stated charges pursuant to this section.

Amending the law to allow managers to impose sanctions without a hearing denies employees “due process”.

  • New York State Civil Service Law (Article IV, Title B, 61.) Appointment and promotion provides that appointment or promotion from an eligible list be made by the selection of one of the three persons highest on such eligible list.

Elimination of the one-in-three rule would allow State and local governments to appoint or promote candidates from an eligible list without regard to their placement on that list.

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